The especial dinosaurs only... The biggest Neanderthals tools collection in the World.

                                            One an experimental expedition of 2014.

Other the dangers.

Do you want to find an exact Allosaurus like he is represented in wikipedia?

In our image here - 2 teethes of probably 1 million y.o. wild pig. His a size - a bison’s size.

Fossils from Lithuania.

Ii is impossible as a claw, who brought a few tons dinosaur and such "claw" then does seems like do no used… But the big number of American "dinosaurologs" do offer to impress it.

Other rare case from Lithuania. It is an unknown dinosaur, which kind without any doubts do belongs to the big proto-bird.

Leg's claw here is added from another place and here a mistake is possible.

"Scipionyx Rex?"

We - from Lithuania. But it does not means, that everything well is here.

As for the “registered Lithuania’s representatives in the question of paleontology (“Lithuania's bio-archaeologists” and so like…).

One example - a picture bellow.

Not… Such structural fossil cannot be a tooth.

It is no any the "old fossil" even

It is just a piece of the modern elk’s horn.


         The nex our finding we do called this king of the earlier birds World...


As a firstly – some thoughts about the birds.

Sometimes the birds have the small teethes. Sometimes they do not have the standard feathers.  In all these cases they do not hard to operate with their “mouth” with their own (o – not own) feathers.  Feather does not an ultimate thing for the bird as the "any his life's moment".

Archaic dinosaur - predator is such, when a

pray have the one dirrection – to his mouth. Or – a pray could be damaged by the tooth's acute side in the case if a pray could be able to leave a redator's mouth.

BUT.. Other "game with the food" do have the chicks. Many them do have the teeth relics. And they can to illustrate the archaic proto-bird constantly. Or evolutionary - a bord's standard untill the enough big life's age. It is our strong vision.

It was more about our the previousScipionyx Rex.

So... The birds do appeared. The basic their defence in the dinosaurs world were the feathers. Such indigestible ball - The very dumb food for any lizard.

Other thing - if it is a dinosaur with such teeth...

Tribasaurus. By our version their conduct had to be similar to the cocks (males).

Nah... Our imprompt about this kind of the dinosaur, with the strong anti-birds behavior.

Last the Balts mythology’s hero, "related with the dinosaurs", could be the God Patulas. He with name’s form Patollu was first mentioned in 1418 by Crusaders Order’s representative Bishop of Warmia in a letter to the Pope.

In mythology it is a strange God of the underworld, which image is unknown in an list of the elite Lithuania’s Gods. He – a terrible God with the red face. Sometimes – it is a ghost like in a form of separate human’s or – the horse’s head. God – the punisher. And his social prestige was developed temporary in beginning of 13’th century like a social competition with the Lithuania’s justice. The God – Judge. A spirit in the theocratic society’s court. And the places of such court (biggest known had a name Romuva) by my vision could be in a Southern-Western Lithuania (Suvalkija).

And these especial places were selected specially on the graves of Lithuania’s kind Allosaurs. One time I've placed such an idea in Interned, I do not noticed even, that in my fossils collection already are 2 damaged teethes, which are perfectly represented this Allosaurus.

They – in the Picture.

I already have an enough big number of this “Patulosaurus” fossils. The original claws of his 2 generations (here I especially want to notice, because the speculations „without the original claws about the claws“ is a big pressing into the dumbest - dimbest versions – „the imposing Tyrannosaurs“ without the potential to support a body balance with the claws and so one.).  They were without the abilities to do a hole for the eggs and so one. Any invisibe stone in the grass  could be a fatal damage to such Allosaurus within a walking . And so one and so one... ) Nah... Not strange, when in a space of paleontologists the very popular became the various "bakkers" with the anti-paleontogic hobies even (teosophists typo and so like...)


By my idea – Patulosaurus it was indeed a concrete dinosaur of the Balts tribes zone. Such dinosaur, who evolutionised and survived here, when the many Allosaurs in a South disappeared. The basic reason here could be the snakes appearing at the last dinosaurs times and the Allosaurs with their behaviors stile then could be one of the weakest kinds.

We found more  the fossils (any version here is supported with the analogues

And this announcement will be shared.

                       Other pages... 2 fossils, which does represented here could be

                                with the Tyrannosaurs DNA (tooth and the lip).